Gotham: City in Chaos
Gotham City by dblake
General Information
  • B
  • Jane
  • Canon: Seek Approval
  • Original: Open, but ask to be added to the list


Gotham: City in Chaos

Gotham City is having trouble keeping all the crazies and weirdos at bay. Few will stand up to the rising populace of "super villains" who now plague the city after the Joker's capture by The Batman, and things are getting out of hand. The Batman has decided to step down from his role as Gotham City's protector and vigelante. It is time for Gotham to stand for itself, and evil is taking advantage.

You must choose a side, good or evil, and join the fight for control over Gotham City.

For the purpose of this game, the events in the movies may be ignored. If you are playing canon, you should bind yourself to the personality of that character, but not the individual stories written in the comics or shown in the movies. We want this story to be original and not a retelling.


  • This is a "Super Hero" focused game. Play your favorite super hero or make your own.
  • Canon characters must be approved by Jane or Loki
  • Original characters are cool. Just let us know so we can add you to the list below.
  • Your powers must be reasonable. Kyrptonians (even original) require special approval.

Character Creation Guidelines

The purpose of this game is to play Super Heroes and Super Villains, sticking to DC Canon or your own custom creations, as long as their powers are not too strong.

If you'd like to play, your first choice is canon or create your own. Canon characters should be played by personality and do not have to be held to their current back story or any movies or comics around that character. You chose, as the player, which parts of their past are relevant and which parts you'd like to ignore.

Your own creations can be whatever you like. You can be anything from a cop, to a villain with super powers, as long as your powers are reasonable. It might be best to think of a theme and center your abilities around that theme, such as Poison Ivy or Catwoman.

Once you have a basic idea of what you'd like to play, let Jane or B know, just so we can get a feel for your power set and the side you are on, and then add your name to the list.

Original Characters


  • Zaira Zatara - Trek
  • Dinah Lance - Jennifer



Canon Characters


  • Bruce Wayne (Batman/The Dark Knight) - B
  • Dick Grayson (Robin/Boy Wonder) - Reignfire
  • Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) - Ironfist
  • Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) - Squall
  • Barbara Gordon (Oracle) - Calipso
  • Kara Kent (Supergirl) - Miranda


  • Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) - Jane
  • Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) - Reignfire
  • The Joker - B
  • Selina Kyle (Catwoman) - Trek